Meet Your Neighbor: Ann Sackey, McElderry Park

Ann Sackey has lived in her Milton Ave home for over five years. Originally from the Washington DC area, she moved to Baltimore for a job opportunity in the non-profit sector. While she hates the trash problems and the vacants in her neighborhood, she says her favorite things about McElderry Park are her longtime neighbors-- how well they know the neighborhood and how they look out for each other. She recently joined the City Land Trust to try to work on a positive initiative addressing the housing crisis.


Charm City Land Trust is a small non-profit started 10 years ago in the McElderry Park neighborhood to steward green space, and is now moving into permanently affordable housing development.  Ann joined the board because she says nobody should experience housing instability, “I remember the feeling of being evicted, of being homeless…Housing is so critically important to health and well-being. With all of the vacants in the neighborhood; there is nor reason anyone should experience that, and the land trust is trying to do something about it.” She feels the land trust will be critical to help with affordable housing and work in this neighborhood and looks forward to participating, “I feel a commitment to my neighborhood as the land trust has a commitment to the area.”